Phoenix Bathrooms And Bathroom Suites.


Phoenix Bathrooms have created and exclusive range of modern and contemporary bathroom products with genuine character and supreme quality. Phoenix are committed to creating an atmosphere of total relaxation within the bathroom that ensures every moment spent is as luxurious and rejuvinating as possible.

Phoenix Bathroom Suites

The bathroom collection has been designed and manufactured to offer diversity and practicality to virtually any home. By using the latest technology and materials Phoenix have insured that you are able to create a distinctive, inviting environment that will match your own aspirations.

Phoenix Bathrooms From Traditional Bathrooms


The Phoenix design team have paid particular attention to form and function, and for every aspect of your bathroom have endevoured to offer you an individual and practical choice.

Bathrooms From Traditional Bathrooms.



Boasting one of the largest and most exclusive ranges of baths, whirlpools and bathroom furniture available, the Phoenix collection provides leading edge design and performance.

Bathroom Suites From Traditional Bathrooms

Hydrotherapy has long been proven as having substantial health benefits leading to an improved quality of life and enhanced bathing experience. Over the past decade the development of Phoenix Whirlpool and Airpool systems has mirrored technological advancement and lifestyle changes – resulting in one of the most successful whirlpool products throughout Europe.


UK Bathrooms Superstore 

Often mistakenly thought to be the reserve of only the rich and famous, Phoenix Whirlpools and Airpool systems are luxurious, affordable and definitely one of the finest investments you could make in your personal and family well-being.

Massive Bathroom Suite Sale

Developed from years of experience and using the latest technology each Phoenix system has been designed to ensure maximum benefit and lasting reliability.

The Lowest Prices On Bathrooms And Bathroom Suites




By choosing a Phoenix bathroom you can expand your horizons, enhance your lifestyle and invest wisely in the future.


Discounted Bathrooms, Bathroom Suites and Merlyn Shower Enclosures are available from Traditional Bathrooms Limited.

Buy Phoenix Bathrooms At Traditional Bathrooms


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