Top 10 Tips For Buying Online Bathroom Suites

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Buying online Bathroom Suites Top 1o Tips

1) Buy your bathroom suite fom Traditional Bathrooms Limited.

2) Ensure that your credit / debit cart are encrypted by checking for the SSL padlock on the payment page.

3) Don’t book a plumber until all of the goods have arrived and been checked.

4) Checkout the shipping and returns policy to ensure that the websites are adhering to the terms and conditions of the distance selling act.

5) Take note of the warranties, if a lifetime warranty is included within the price, the supplier has got confidence in the product.

6) Check out the testimonials to find out what the real customers are saying about the website.

7) Bookmark the page there’s nothing more frustrating than finding the right bathroom suite at the price and then losing the website.

8) Always use a qualified tradesman / plumber.

9) Measure twice order once and Fit once

10)  Choose a bathroom  style that  won’t go out of fashion.







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