The Neo Classical Collection From Abstract Bathrooms

The Neo Classical Collection Of Free Standing Baths From Abstract Bathrooms
Abstract Bathrooms have developed a superb range of luxury designer free standing  Jura stone cast resin baths that are available to purchase from Traditional Bathrooms Limited from April 2010. The demand for this range has been so high that demand has exceeded supply and therefore we strongly recommend that to avoid dissappointment you place your order as soon as possible.

Jura Stone Manufacturing Process

 Within the Jura Stone resin product engineering process, the bath manufacturing process which actuallly takes parts include the following:

  1. Design the bath.
  2. Design and produce a master mold.
  3. Produce working mold with detail refinement.
  4. Materials used in the manufacturing are washed,screened,graded.
  5. Mixing the material with measurement tools at a certain formular according  to the tempreture and humidity.
  6. Vacumm treatment to make the material mixed without any air bubble.
  7. Prepare for the working mould with mould-releaser to make the mould smooth and absolutely clean.
  8. Spraying gel-coat on the surface of the working mould.
  9. The mix is cast into a stury,reinforced mold for casting

10. Semi-product(before polishing).

11. Surfaces are sanded with increasing grades of sandpaper.

12. Polishing the product.

13. The product is placed into an oven at 90℃,and keep 2 hours for heating solidify.

14. Quality control based on ISO9001

15. The final products can be packed,enter the warehouse and ready for delivery

The Degas


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