Styles Of Bathroom Sanitaryware Toilets And Basins

Traditional and Contemporary bathrooms are available in many different styles and the prices can vary from as little as £65.00 for a close coupled toilet with a basin and pedestal to in excess of £1000.00 for just a toilet. Why the big price difference?

It’s difficult to justify the difference in price just by looking at the ceramics themselves. What you’re paying for when you purchase the more expensive bathroom suites is usually the design aesthetics and brand recognition.  Generally speaking the more expensive suites will be the more chance you have of receiving good quality aftercare.  If you’re going to experience a problem with a toilet then it’s usually with either the toilet seat or the cistern fittings.

Traditional Bathrooms:

A typical Victorian period bathroom would feature a high level toilet, 2 tap hole basin and pedestal or basin stand and a Roll Top Bath.

Traditional Bathrooom Suite

Etoile Traditional Bathroom Suite from Traditional Bathrooms Limited

The sanitaryware of the Victorian era was more rounded that the later Edwardian era which was more angular and symetrical .

An example of Victorian Styled sanitaryware

An example of a Victorian styled rounded basin

Edwardian Style Bathroom Sanitaryware

Edwardian Styled Bathroom From Traditional Bathrooms Limited

 Bathroom Suites


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