20% Off Jacuzzi Baths

Jacuzzi Bathrooms: As you would expect all Jacuzzi whirlpool luxury baths include a multitude of special features, but no matter which Jacuzzi whirlpool bath you choose you can rest assured that it is manufactured and designed to include these.
Jacuzzi® Whirlpool baths
Created over 30 years ago, the Jacuzzi® whirlpool system it is still the original, both in quality and performance of its hydromassage experience and the sheer cachet of its brand name. All Jacuzzi whirlpool baths are engineered in Italy to the highest Jacuzzi brand standards and carry the distinctive Italian styling.

All Jacuzzi® whirpool baths benefit from the features listed below:

•Jets positioned to target the main muscle groups on the body
•Jets circulate large volumes of water at low pressure for a powerful massage and outstanding performance
•Fully adjustable jets allow personalisation of your massage to target your preferred body area
•Rigid pipe work ensures that the bath drains completely to prevent standing water
•Baths are wet tested in our factory to ensure they arrive in perfect working order
•The base is supported by a steel chassis for strength and rigidity, with adjustable feet to combat uneven floors
•An automatic switch off system activates after 20 minutes to allow you to forget about time and enjoy your hydromassage
•Sanitising solution is available for all our baths as an optional extra
•A luxury headrest is included as standard for greater comfort

Share the luxury of the Jacuzzi® hydromassage experience. Invita features sleek, ergonomic lines and a symmetrical base. A soft headrest at each end of the luxury bath allows two people to enjoy a deep, relaxing hydromassage

Jacuzzi Invita Bath from Traditional Bathrooms Limited

Invita Bath from Jacuzzi

Simple but stylish, Rivela is an affordable way to discover the benefits of the original Jacuzzi® hydromassage for the first time. If you want to make a lifestyle statement, Rivela with its harmonious, linear design, soft headrest and hydromassage jets is a great way to start.

Jacuzzi Baths from Traditional Bthrooms Limited

Jacuzzi Baths

When it comes to contemporary design features Uma has it all. Experience full immersion Jacuzzi® hydromassage, the ergonomic corner seat that doubles as a toiletry shelf, soft headrest and ample proportions for the ultimate in luxury.

If maximising available space is important, Versa, with its straight foot end, could be the answer. Its rectangular footprint also means it’s easy to install, even in an alcove. Simply brushing over the touch panel operates the unique Lumina control panel.

Jacuzzi Versa Bath from Traditional Bathrooms Limited

Jacuzzi Versa Bath

Jacuzzi Baths


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