Traditional Bathrooms Limited Luxury Bathrooms

Traditional Bathrooms Limited are delighted to be able to offer to discrening bathroom buyer, the new range of luxury authentically styled period bathroom suites. The Burlington Bathroom Collection is the most exciting range of faithfully reproduced bathroom suites ever made. The styling evokes memories of the Victorian and Edwardian eras when sanitaryware was manufactured by skilled artisian craftsman. 
What’s the difference?  The Burlington Bathroom Collection is a modern classic, that’s suitable for both period homes and the very latest minimalist,  ultra modern property.

Burlington Toilets:
Throne Toilet Seat

Throne Toilet Seat

Burlington High Level Toilet
Burlington toilets combine yesterdays designs with todays technology. The ever popular High Level Toilet features a unique patented flushing machanism that allows for an eco freindly 3 litre flush or a more vigourous 6 litre flush. The traditional chain pull has been replace with a metal rod that can be pushed upwards for a 3 litre flush or pulled downwards for a 6 litre flush. A new addition to the Burlington high level toilet is the classical Throne toilet seat which at only £179.00 represents superb value for money.

One of the most popular toilets within  the Burlington Collection is  the distinctive and unusual Medium Level Toilet.

Burlington Low Level Toilet:  Thinking of choosing a low level toilet for a new build? The Burlinton Low Level Toilet is available with push button dual flush or the traditional lever flush for the more traditional home. Once again the Burlington Low Level Toilet has the added eco friendly 3 or 6 litre flush.

Burlington Close Coupled Toilet
Once again the Burlington Close Coupled Toilet benefits from dual flush with both push button and cistern lever. Along with the Burlington Back To Wall Pan this toilet’s a more modern toilet.


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