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BC Sanitan From Traditional Bathrooms Limited

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BC Sanitan Bathroom Suites Because of the way BC Sanitan manufacture traditional bathroom sanitaryware, with much of the process being handcrafted, they are able to offer you a wide range of options allowing you to tailor your suite to your own personal taste and style. BC Sanitan ceramic is available in either White or Old English White, there is a choice of two patterned ceramic finishes, a selection of wood finishes and the option of having your suite with or without the B.C Sanitan logo.

Now you can go one step further – for a truly personal touch, we can add your own preferred logo to your ceramic pieces. You might want to have your family name put onto your basins, or even let people know which sporting club you support! Whatever you choose this is an option that is sure to impress your friends and family. This personal logo can be applied to basins, bidets and closets.

All B.C Sanitan traditional bathroom sanitaryware is made to the highest quality standards and carries a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defect. The Highgrove, Hillingdon and Damea suites are available in White only, with or without Blue logo. The Victorian, Belgravia, Balasani and Nouveau suites are available in White with Blue logo as standard and Old English White with Blue logo on extended lead time.

B.C Sanitan bathsAll B.C Sanitan baths are manufactured from the highest quality acrylic or cast iron and carry a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defect.

B.C Sanitan brasswareThe Victorian and Berkeley ranges of brassware operate at high and low pressure. The Highgrove range operates at high pressure only (1.5 bar). All B.C Sanitan brassware carries a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defect. (excludes valves, o rings and seals).

B.C Sanitan woodworkAll B.C Sanitan woodwork carries a 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defect.
As wood is a natural material any inconsistencies in the colour or changes over time are considered part of its natural beauty.

B.C Sanitan traditional bathroom accessoriesAll B.C Sanitan traditional bathroom accessories and heated towel rails carry a 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defect.
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UK Bathroom Suites

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Traditional Bathrooms Limited are approved stockists of BC Sanitan Bathroom Suites In a world where fashions come and go, the name B.C Sanitan continues to stand for values that are reassuringly enduring, offering you an experience so rewarding that it rises above mere passing trends. A promise of timeless styling that will continue to delight your eye, with a standard of quality that will defy the years. Every traditional bathroom piece from B.C Sanitan is crafted in the heart of the English Potteries using skills handed down through the generations. The finest china clay is taken from the mould and lovingly smoothed by hand before firing. Pieces are then coated with not one but three separate layers of glaze – again by hand – to achieve the sparkling, glassy depth that characterises the B.C Sanitan finish. Each piece is checked by our inspectors at every stage of the production process. For our customers it is perfection, or nothing. Timeless quality deserves a timeless guarantee, and that’s what you get with B.C Sanitan. Your investment is protected by nothing less than a Lifetime Guarantee on all sanitaryware. Bathroom Suites The Victorian Bathroom Suite: For many people the very epitome of the traditional bathroom look has to be Victorian, a celebration of confident square forms with distinctive high splashbacks. The basin, closet and cistern in this suite are based on authentic original pieces, the designs re-created by B.C. Sanitan craftsmen in all their gleaming glory. The Hillingdon Bathroom Suite: Reassuringly solid, yet stylish and elegant, the double roll rim and soft edges of the Hillingdon suite will add a period feel to any bathroom. Combine with any of our freestanding baths for the final luxurious touch. The Belgravia Bathroom Suite: The fluted column has always been one of the essential defining features of period styling. The look is full of character and wonderfully evocative, used here to subtle effect on Belgravia’s pedestal, closet and bidet. The cistern’s breakfront shape is another charming traditional detail. The Nouveau Bathroom Suite The curvaceous lines of Nouveau bring a slightly softer, gentler charm to a traditional bathroom setting. The generous proportions of the pieces add a sense of grandeur for those who like to make a bold statement in their home styling. The Balsani Bathroom Suite By taking the period-style splashback and reducing it in size Balasani achieves a more subtle, more versatile look. Teamed with the right brassware it could also be perfectly at home in a distinctly non-traditional setting. The splashback feature is elegantly repeated on the cistern and bidet. The Damia Bathroom Suite The striking square-edged form of the Damea basin sets the styling keynote that is pleasingly repeated in the Damea closet, cistern and bidet, effortlessly bridging the century-or-so gap between the traditional and the classical bathroom. The Highgrove Bathroom Suite You could be forgiven for thinking that the inspiration for the distinctive Highgrove design was purely 21st Century, but in fact this suite’s design cue came from the beautiful elliptical deep-sided shape of an original 1920’s piece. Perfect proof that classic design reaches out from its own time to inspire future generations. Bc Sanitan from Traditional Bathrooms Limited

Bathroom Suites from Traditional Bathrooms Limited

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Bathroom Suites from Traditional Bathrooms Limited represent superb value.  Traditional Bathrooms are a UK Bath Store and Bathroom Superstore that specialise in the supply of high quality low cost Traditional and Contemporary Bathrooms from some of the worlds leading bathroom manufacturers.

We have a massive selection  of luxury free standing  roll top baths from Clearwater, BC Designs, BC Sanitan, Imperial Bathrooms, Royce Morgan, TC Bathrooms  and Abstract Bathrooms.

High Level Toilets are as fashionable today as they have ever been with BC Sanitan, Shires, Imperial Bathrooms, TC Bathrooms and Imperial Bathrooms all adding new ranges of  High Level Toilets to there 2010 product portfolios. 

Low Level Toilets can be used as a hybrid option when mixing Traditional and Contemporary Bathrooms. The Burlington Bathroom Collection is a 100 Page catalogue available from Traditional Bathrooms which boasts a selection of slightly incongruent retro period toilet options.

Close Coupled Toilets can be either be Traditional or Contemporary although the more discerning bathroom designer would never put a Close Coupled Toilet into a period bathroom. The item that distinguishes between the modern and traditional toilet is the cistern lever the traditional toilet will usually have a lever flush, whilst the modern toilet will have an eco freindly 3 or 6 litre push button flush. The Burlington Toilets offer Traditional styling with a patented eco flush push button cistern.

Affordable High Level Toilets

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High Level Toilets are as fashionable now as they were back in the Victorian Era. Traditional Bathrooms have one of the largest selections of High and Low Level Toilets from leading bathroom manufacturers.

The High Level Toilets from Imperial Bathrooms and BC Sanitan are for the discerning bathroom buyer. Hand made in the United Kingdom by time served artisans and offering faithful reproductions of original period pieces that have adorned the grandest properties in the world for centuries.

The Imperial Bathrooms Etoile Bathroom Suite 

Imperial Bathrooms

 BC Sanitan Victorian Bathroom Suite

BC Sanitan Bathroom Suites

Burlington Bathrooms and Bathroom Suites offer High Level Toilets with a difference. The unique patented flushing mechanism of the Burlington High Level Toilet offers a water saving Eco 3 or 6 litre flush.  Another new addition to the Burlington Bathroom Collection is the medium level toilet that combines traditional styling that can sit comfortably in a contemporary bathrooom.

Burlington Bathroom Suites from Traditional Bathrooms Limited

TC Bathrooms are one of the fastest growing Bathroom Brands in the UK.  Traditional and Contemporary Bathrooms are an innovative design lead company that have a reputation for being market leaders. The 2010 TC brochure introduces two new luxury designer Traditional Bathroom Suites that epitomise everything that’s good about a period bathroom.

Vitoria Bathroom Suite

TC Bathrooms Vitroria Bathroom Suite

UK Traditional And Contemporary Bathrooms

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TC Bathrooms 

Vitoria Bathroom Suites

Bathroom Suites

Since its creation in 2000 tc bathrooms have developed an unrivalled reputation for supplying the finest range of high quality bathroom suites at highly competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for contemporary style or classical traditional elegance,  TC Bathrooms have  bathrooms to meet your needs.

Traditional and Contemporay TC Bathrooms can also supply all the accessories you’ll ever need including shower enclosures, baths, mirrors, taps and much more. TC pride themselves on there high level of customer service. The  friendly and dedicated customer care  team will be on hand to make sure that, whatever kind of bathroom suites you’re looking for, TC Bathrooms can make your purchase as simple and hassle free as possible.we can help?

Traditional Bathrooms

As well as some fantastic contemporary designs we also provide a wide selection of memorable traditional bathrooms. Our unique range features a collection of designs that demonstrate our commitment to providing only the very finest quality.

For example, take a look at our eye-catching New York design, inspired the iconic brownstone buildings of the city’s famous East Side. Our traditional bathrooms offer you a chance to really express yourself in a way that will stand the test of time. As the saying goes ‘fashion is temporary but class is permanent’.

Cast Iron Baths

As the centrepiece for any bathroom design cast iron baths are hard to beat. Available in a range of shapes and styles these offer highly efficient thermal insulation. Once warm they retain heat much better than other types of bath. 

Cast iron baths are clean and longer lasting than acrylic models. Their ready to paint exterior means they can be easily customised to fit in with your existing colour scheme. Taken together with our selection of freestanding, easy access and whirlpool systems we have something for everyone. Browse our site to find the perfect model for you.

Traditional Bathrooms Limited offer upto 35% from the TC Bathrooms RRP