Bathroom Furniture

How to Choose Bathroom Furniture
It is a known fact that you spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so wouldn’t it feel so much better if it looked great? Bathrooms can cost a lot of money to design and install, but the rewards are usually well worth the investment. The bathroom is a place in which we do not only do our everyday washing and laundry, but also a place in which we need to relax and get rid of the stress we gathered throughout the day. Therefore adding bathroom vanity furniture might be a good way of improving your environment and at the same time reducing stress. When it comes to that, you can choose to add new dressing table or a new cabinet, or you can go for simpler additions such as small pieces of stylish furniture, depending on your budget.

Many people redecorate their home once every couple of years, and not just for functionality but also for improving the style and aesthetic appearance of the bathroom. Bathroom furniture is beginning to be more and more attractive to many persons. Bathroom furniture needs to be more than functional; bathroom furniture also has to satisfy even the most discerning taste. An increasing number of people value bathroom furniture quality marked by exceptional craftsmanship, design, and bold and enduring styles.

One thing you have to bear in mind though when trying to improve or change your bathroom vanity furniture is the fact that you should choose it wisely. This means that you have to set a tone of your bathroom design and add the right, well-chosen quality vanity piece. The good thing about bathroom vanity furniture is the fact that it comes in different styles and finishes, such as hand painted to distressed furniture and ornately carved or minimalist straight lines.

Another option you have with bathroom vanity furniture is using some pieces of bedroom vanities if they fit the space. Of course, you have to be careful with those, as they might not be water resistant, but they’ll surely make a good impression in case you want the bathroom to be in the same tone as the whole house. In this case, you can choose bathroom vanity furniture consisting of tables with matching stools and chairs, mirrors and makeup trays.

In case you need some free space to place the things you use in the bathroom as well as in the house, the piece of bathroom vanity furniture you might need is a table or a countertop cabinet. These are usually made of hardwood such as oak and can have beautifully upholstered benches.

Either way, you have to think carefully about how you’re going to use the respective pieces of bathroom vanity furniture. Even though the space in your bathroom might be tight, you can use it at its maximum potential and enjoy it.

The bathroom vanity furniture comes in a large variety of styles and therefore it is very easy to adapt to any style your bathroom might have. With a little luck and inspiration, you might be able to find the perfect match for your needs. You can add lightening, special types of windows and other accessories that will create a new look of your bathroom.

But, before that, you have to know a few things about buying bathroom vanity furniture. You have to make sure you take accurate measurements and take into account the layout and positions of your bathroom fixtures. In case you plan on changing some old bathroom vanity furniture with a new one, you might also consider the place where you plumbing are positioned as well as the bathtub, shower stall or toilet.

The key to any successful redecoration is planning and you should even start without having a good plan. Make sure that you have all the measurements done correctly and that you know what you are looking for. If you do, you can start browsing through furniture stores and online furniture shops. If you take your time and if you know where to look for bathroom furniture, you won’t be disappointed and your bathroom will never look the same again. In case you are the fortunate owner of a large sized bathroom, you could choose to keep your existing facilities and add a piece of bathroom vanity furniture as described above, in which case you have to figure out the best way to fit the objects as to keep the environment proportionate. And given the large variety of options you have when it comes to choosing bathroom vanity furniture, this should not be that hard. You’ll easily improve your bathroom’s image and create a space in which you can relax.

How To Choose Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture is a new trend that has been getting increasingly popular. Many people will pay quite a bit for high quality bathroom furniture that fits into their lifestyle and décor theme. When deciding upon furniture for your own bathroom, there are many things that you need to consider. The first of these is what size and shape your bathroom is. Dimensions and the specific shape of the bathroom are very important toward deciding what kind of furniture you can put in it. Your bathroom should have a relaxing feel to it, and overcrowding can ruin that feel all too quickly. Be careful when picking your vanity & cabinets that you don’t crowd the room too much.

Wood is a popular material in bathrooms because it is durable and fits in well with modern and traditional styles. Also, bathroom furniture made of natural wood gives the bathroom a feeling in of welcoming and warmth. But, you will likely pay more to get wood furniture.

Man-made finishes are getting increasingly popular for bathroom furniture. These are available in a wide range of colors and designs, offering some flexibility. They are no less expensive than wood, but they are every bit as strong. Many of these finishes are made with a composite of materials with finishes with textures that are quite durable.

Bathrooms in modern times are beginning to use more furniture than was previously believed. There are bathrooms now that feature see-through fireplaces, exercise equipment, televisions, small refrigerators and saunas. The bathroom is now a place of relaxation after returning home from work. Bathroom furniture is also a space to keep bathroom clutter away from areas where it will be seen, and can give the room a unified look.

Contemporary Bathroom Furniture

One of the hardest places in the home to design it is the bathroom. This is often true because there are so many choices available. There’s everything from antiques to contemporary design available. Contemporary bathrooms are now the latest trend. The shapes involved in its design can be round, square or rectangular. The materials used in these bathrooms include stainless steel, glass and ceramic. One popular choice is a metal bathtub that will wear well and look beautiful. Remember that clutter free is a major component to the contemporary style, so you need to have enough storage space to hide your clutter away.

Wicker Bathroom Furniture

Choosing wicker bathroom furniture gives you both delicate design and strength. This type of furniture is light and airy and can be used for chairs, tables, sofas and many other types of bathroom furniture. There are also wicker lampshades, hampers, bassinets, chests and planters available. Wicker is also inexpensive as it is made from affordable raw materials. Its light weight means it will be easy to move whenever you decide to change the look of the bathroom. Wicker baskets are a stylish way to introduce more storage, and they come in a wide range of stains, so you can match them into almost any décor theme in any bathroom.

Bathroom Furniture For An Rv

Life in an RV can be wonderful or frustrating, depending on what you make it. The author lived full-time in an RV for two years, working on a commissioned book. Actually, she lived in two RVs, one after the other. The first was a 20′ motorhome. Those of us who were “full-timers” rather than vacationers joked about the way to get along with your spouse in a small RV. Whenever you meet going in opposite directions, hug and pivot. We hugged and pivoted in the tiny 20′ motorhome for 365 days. Then we “moved up” to a 30′ 5th wheel and continued to hug and pivot for another 365 days. It was part of keeping a happy marriage while living 24/7/365 in a small RV.

RV Bathroom Furniture

RV bathroom furniture is another part of living in a small RV. (Note: Every RV is small when you live in it.) RV bathroom furniture must be ready to “hug and pivot” to work in as little space as possible.

RV bathroom furniture has several requirements. It must be…

1. Lightweight: Weight is very important when traveling in an RV. The more weight you put into RV bathroom furniture, the harder you will work your engine. You may also slow your travels. Think lightweight! The wooden magazine rack may look better, but the plastic one may weigh less.

2. Practical and efficient: Add nothing that doesn’t earn its keep. RV and camping stores offer hundreds of appealing gadgets. Some serve no real purpose, or do not fulfill promises. When you look at bathroom furniture, consider what it will do for you. Look around to see if there is another item that will better do the job. Small baskets may help you organize, but small boxes may do it better.

3. Mildew-resistant: An RV bathroom is a small, closed space. Unless you want to spend hours scrubbing mildew, make sure all bathroom furniture is mildew-resistant. Shower curtains or pleated doors should be treated to resist mildew. Shower hoses should, too. If you need a curtain or shade at the window, get one in mildew-resistant material.

4. Easy to clean: Most people use an RV for vacations and do not want to spend their time cleaning the bathroom. Look for bathroom furniture that is smooth, free of seams and cracks that collect dirt, mold, and mildew.

5. Stable: Any RV bathroom furniture you add must stay in place when traveling rough roads. Even if you don’t plan to go off-road to a remote campsite, you will encounter tough patches in road construction. Items that will not stay put require frequent packing and unpacking.

RV bathroom furniture that does not meet these criteria should be considered carefully. Chances are good that you will trash it or replace it soon if it fails in one or more points.

RV Bathroom Remodel

An RV remodel of the bathroom gives you opportunity to put some of these principles into practice.

For example, an RV tub may have a glass sliding door. It looks good, and you found a piece of 2×2 that keeps it from sliding while you’re traveling. If you replaced it during your RV model, however, you could lighten your load. Install a lightweight, accordion pleated door in its place. The lighter door will lock in place for travel.

Your RV remodel might be even more radical. You may decide that no one uses that tub. Showers are quicker. Replace the tub with a white corner shower, opening up storage space. A fiberglass shower is a piece of bathroom furniture that is practical, efficient, mildew-resistant, and easy to clean. One-piece, seamless construction installs easily with Super Grip Foam Tape. For less weight, use a shower curtain. Attach a small fastener to hold it in transit.

An RV remodel might also take bathroom furniture from the hall and put it in the bath. Example: Having replaced the tub with a corner shower, move the hallway sink to the space beside the shower. You have free hallway space for a stacking washer/dryer!

Other RV bathroom furniture you might want to change:

1. brighter lights above a dark mirror

2. soap/shampoo dispenser attached to shower wall

3. over-the-door towel holders

4. lightweight medicine cabinet above sink

5. taller, roomier wood vanity

6. additional, plastic shower curtain rod for towels

Helpful Tip

RV bathroom furniture can be found online at any RV parts center. Smaller accessories are usually found at camping supply stores.
Contemporary Bathroom Furniture

While designing the home it is difficult to design the bathroom. This is because there are so many choices out there. The choices range from the antique to the contemporary.

Contemporary bathroom fittings are the latest trend. Fixtures of the latest designs are offered for the bathroom. Today, one has a wide choice of contemporary bathroom fittings. The washbasins come in more aesthetic designs. The shapes could be round, square or rectangular in shape. The material could be glass, ceramic, or stainless steel. There is also a choice to be made between the acrylic bath and the steel bath. The acrylic bath is much lighter and more versatile than the steel bath. Steel baths are generally favored for their strength and looks. The metal bath has a more traditional look and feel. However, modern acrylic baths are now at least as strong and have attributes of their own. They are easier to maintain and do not have the cold metallic feel of steel baths.

Some of the contemporary furniture includes:

Nickel-Bronze Bathroom Space Saver–This Nickel-Bronze finished Space Saver toilet topper has three-rack style shelves, a side towel bar and a camel-back crown design in a leaf motif.

Contemporary Vanity Sink Cabinet—This is in contemporary style with multiple raised square design woodwork and a deep, glowing merlot finish with the black marble top and two doors with oval handles.

Verde leaf Bathroom Caddie–This green metal Bathroom Caddie with a Verde leaf design has three rack shelves and a curved top.

Tier Polished Chrome Bathroom Organizer–This four-Tier Polished Chrome Bathroom Organizer has three shelves and a bottom basket for storage or display. It has Polished Chrome finish and four towel racks on each side of the organizer.

Types Of Bathroom Furniture

Most interior designers find it challenging to design and decorate a well-facilitated bathroom. For most people, it is the perfect place to relax and release the body and mind from the clutches of routine tensions and stress. It provides personal space to individuals and therefore necessitates pleasant d้cor. There is a baffling range of bathroom accessories and furniture to appeal to people with varied tastes. From traditional to contemporary, the range is endless and come in all price brackets.

Vanity sink cabinets are a popular choice among cabinets. They come with sleek and stylish countertops made of various materials. Most people, who have smaller bathrooms, prefer to have cabinets that include a mirror and shaver sockets. Generally, cabinets are designed to include drawers for keeping undergarments and other necessary items. Many people prefer oak or maple cabinets. Rattan furniture and Wicker furniture is highly popular as it combines strength and intricate designs. Wicker furniture offers a rustic look to the furniture and is made from bamboo, reed, willow, or synthetic fibers. A large number of wicker objects can be included in the bathroom to complement the furniture. This form of furniture is inexpensive and easily available. Most common type of wicker furniture includes chest of drawers to keep linen.

Contemporary bathrooms include lavish bathtubs, which come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. Bathtubs can come in round, rectangular or a square shape. Bathtubs can be made of stainless steel, ceramic or glass. Acrylic baths are also very popular among most individuals as they are devoid of the cold metallic feel. However, stainless steel baths score over acrylic baths as they last longer and are easier to maintain. Washbasins are also designed aesthetically to complement the decor of the bathroom.

Bathroom furniture can be complimented by choosing matching or contrast furnishings such as curtains. Many people select furniture and accessories that complement the bedroom furniture as well.
Finding Your Perfect Bathroom Furniture Home Decor

Bathroom furniture is the perfect home decor accents that can make a bathroom even more welcoming. It never fails that when people come to a new house to visit, the one room that is visited before they leave is the bathroom.

In order for a person to make sure that their bathroom is set apart from all other is to accent it with the perfect piece of it.

Bathroom furniture comes in array of textures, but one of the most popular types of furniture for a bathroom is wicker furniture. Wicker is hard to keep from mildewing when it is exposed to all the humidity that a bathroom has to offer.

However, if a person really want to put wicker in the bathroom, then the pvc variety is mildew and rot resistant and will last for a very long time.

Another type of bathroom furniture that is very popular is a type of shelf or cabinet. This is one room where a person can always use more storage for towels or medicines. However, finding the perfect piece of home decor furniture for the bathroom can sometimes be difficult.

A person can shop at the local retail store or they can look online for the perfect piece of it to complement their unique home decor. Shelves and an armoire can easily be found in these retail settings, or one can find a piece at a thrift store.

Even if an individual’s bathroom is small, one could probably find room for a piece of special bathroom furniture. A small shelf or chest could be the perfect accent piece of home decor a tight space. A large bathroom could use the storage space that is offered by a cupboard or armoire.

Even a small chair strategically placed in a bathroom would come in handy for a person to take advantage of. Any piece of furniture will help to ensure that the bathroom decor is softened and it can help add style, color, and warmth.

Bathroom furniture is often the last thing a person thinks of when they are redoing their home. Bathrooms are used quite often, but they lack the decorative touch that most of the other rooms in the house exude.

However, with a well placed piece of it, a person can enjoy their bathroom experience even more, and one can have something to look at and admire while they are in this well used room.

However, one must be careful and watch the type of materials that it is made of. If one is not careful, the humidity can ruin one’s investment, but with a little hunting, a person can find the perfect piece of furniture to accent any area of the bathroom.
Updating Bathroom Furniture
It’s surprising the difference new bathroom furniture can make from the simple addition of a new bathroom vanity or bathroom basin. Sprucing up your bathroom and giving it some pizzazz can cost little money without breaking the bank. By carefully accessing your design needs at the onset of your remodeling project this will save both time and money. By capitalizing on the existing architecture of the bathroom can be beneficial for redecorating on a budget. Before tearing down walls and ripping up floor tiles consider what can be preserved in your bathroom in order to free up money for other necessary purchases.

Applying wall finishes can give tattered walls a unique look by using different techniques such as texturizing with paint and plaster or wall stenciling to hide any imperfections. Cracked ceramic floor tiles can easily be replaced. Whether it is single tile or a few ones, take a trip to a flooring center and have then match the tile with the existing one.If by chance the tile is no longer available, an inexpensive and imaginative solution is to create a new pattern within the existing tiles. Remove a few additional tiles to create a two-toned checkerboard look floor that follows your color scheme and bathroom motif.

Bathroom vanities are often the centerpiece of a bathroom remodeling or decorating project. By changing the bathroom vanity you can add elegance by creating a traditional or contemporary look as well as providing much needed storage space especially for smaller bathrooms. The bathroom vanity should always be the first piece of bathroom furniture purchased. Choosing the right vanity will help you select the correct basin if not sold as a complete unit and will also set the tone for the style of bathroom mixer tap as well as other bathroom accessories such as wall mirrors and other bathroom fixtures.

One of the least expensive and easiest ways to upgrade the look of your bathroom is to replace the basin. With unlimited designs and styles available from the standard white porcelain to free standing pedestal basins can give your bathroom just the right boost. Aside from the addition of a new bathroom vanity and basin to alter the appearance of the room, other finishing touches can be added such as independent storage units to coordinate with the existing bathroom furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but alleviates clutter.

Both practical and affordable wall-mounted mirrors can beautify the bathroom while creating the illusion of space by adding depth and dimension to the bathroom. Today there is a vast assortment of illuminated and plain bathroom mirrors framed to frameless and in a number of finishes the perfect touch for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. Bathroom mirrors are the most flexible of bathroom furniture pieces, since they are easily suited to adapt with other bathroom décor without sacrificing style.

Bathroom furniture is giving bathroom design a whole new look

Bathroom furniture is giving bathroom design a whole new look. Nowhere else in the house is it so important to make the most of the available space as it is in the bathroom. You can organize with quality bathroom furniture such as bathroom hampers, bathroom cabinets, bathroom space savers, and bathroom towel cabinets help organize while saving space, and allow you to express your own individuality and design flare to your bathroom.

Bathrooms with furniture have become one of the most comfortable spaces in the house. Some homeowners are even bringing big screen televisions and fireplaces into the bathroom. Nothing beats the warm look of wood in a bathroom.

The bathroom is the room people wash, sometimes get changed in and perform other duties such as brushing their teeth, shaving and generally cleaning themselves up. Plenty of new houses being built now are having on-suite bathrooms to rooms so that people can have a bathroom to themselves.

This means that bathroom furniture is becoming more and more popular. You will find great value deals for bathroom furniture like bathroom cabinets, linen baskets and bathroom mirrors.

Tips on Choosing Your Bathroom Furniture
When building a home, we do not neglect the fact that most of our time will be spent in bathrooms. We could be taking a bath, using the toilet, preparing to go out, preparing to sleep, or merely brushing your teeth after every meal. Half of the day is spent on using the bathroom. In rational computations, the bathroom is the most used room in the house compared to the bedroom and the living room. So if we spend most of our time here, we should be choosing the perfect bathroom furniture for us to place in it.

To plan your bathroom furniture, think about the space that you have available to spare. You may draw a plan or a sketch of your desired bathroom and then later on figure out what kinds or types of furnishings you want in it. What do you want to do in your bathroom? This is a major question whenever deciding on what bathroom furniture to buy. Are you the type who has fast paced living and does not require a tub? A shower enclosure would do. Of course we never forget the toilet seat. A bidet is optional for those people who have money to spare. Your lavatory or sink will have to match them as well, color and make. Nowadays it is popular to furnish your bathroom with stainless steel. The theme is very modern and is also maintenance free. It doesn’t chip, easy to clean and also not prone to many bacteria and germs.

Next is the type of storage requirement you want. Do you need a medicine cabinet, drawer, towel and robe closet, and the likes? After pondering on this, look at your sketch and plan on where to put these storage areas. Will the closet be the first thing you need when you enter your bathroom? Is your medicine cabinet placed right above your vanity or somewhere else? Thoughts like these will help you decide on what kinds and colors your storage areas would be.

Another thing to think about is how long you usually stay in your bathroom. If you are the type who spends hours in the bathroom without doing anything productive at all, you may want to integrate a magazine rack somewhere near the toilet seat and the tub. Music equipment is also fine as long as you are careful in arranging the cables since a bathroom always have water present.

Finally, do not forget about the little details which make your bathroom furniture as complete as it can be. Your towel racks, soap dishes, tissue handles, shower and faucet heads and knobs, toothbrush holder etc. Additional items would be the rugs, first aid kit and of course, your indoor decors. Always remember, a bathroom is an essential if not the most important room in our house. People can live in a house without a bedroom but cannot live without a bathroom. If my bathroom is well arranged, clean and spacious, I could very well sleep there. What do you need a bedroom for? Choose your bathroom furniture wisely.
Research On The Internet To Find The Bathroom Furniture For You
So many options are available nowadays when it comes to redecorating your bathroom. You have the fit options, do you go for a fully fitted bathroom, or simple freestanding units. Maybe a hybrid, some mounted furniture like a bathroom cabinet or towel rack and some moveable storage units for all your toiletries. You could the simple and easy to fit option were the units are already made up with just the last part of assembling the pieces together to form the unit. Perform for amateur DIY people.

You should have a think about what kind of bathroom you would like and one that suits your needs and budget, this will help you narrow down the options. Once you have decided on the layout why not use the internet to research the different styles and designs on the market. The internet is a great place to share ideas with others, to find inspiration for your bathroom as well as get advice from others who have redecorated their bathrooms and/or bought bathroom furniture. This medium is also great to get recommendations for businesses to buy from, you can often find reviews of the service other customers have experienced. It will give you peace of mind as you place your order with the company of choice.

If it will be a family bathroom have a think about functionality, will the design help when you are giving multiple baths, is it easy to get the kids in and out of and is there place to store their toys, if they are of that age. Thinking about the bathroom when it is finished will ensure you include everything necessary and maximise the use of the room. Finally if it is a family bathroom do think about the bathroom furniture you are going to buy, avoid putting in items that younger kids can climb up on or possibly injury themselves with.

The internet is a great place for shopping, use it to compare prices of the bathroom furniture you want to buy, sales are often on or end of line products been sold off cheap that could save you a considerable amount of money.
The Many Faces of Bathroom Furniture
If you thought all bathroom furniture was essentially the same, think again! It is not all the same, and every piece has its own utility for specific reasons. Most bathroom furniture may have the same basic functions, but there are many differences if you look a little closer. Bathroom vanities, sinks, cabinets, mirrors and shelving come in many different styles to meet various needs, and depending on yours, you can use the following guide to help you pick the perfect furniture.

What do you need your bathroom vanity and furnishings to do for you? Do you have a small space and not a lot of room? There are bathroom vanities designed to fit in the corner to help you make the most of your space. You can also go with shelving instead of a linen cabinet when you’re short on floor space, so that you have somewhere to organize all your bathroom necessities instead of piling them on the countertop or stacking them on the floor. If you don’t have a lot of room for a wall mirror, you can always go with a full length mirror that installs on the back of your bathroom door, a space that is often underutilized and very handy.

If you have more space in your bathroom, you will have different options. You always want to get a double vanity rather than a single vanity if you can fit it in the space, because a double vanity is always a luxury and you’ll use that second sink more than you might think. You may want the matching vanity set mirrors that hang on the wall above the sinks, and with more floor space, you may opt for a more spacious enclosed linen cabinet so that everything is tucked away rather than visible on the open shelving.

Besides utility, there are the aesthetic considerations when you are upgrading your bathroom. You will want to narrow down what bathroom furniture style you want to put in there before you start shopping. Not all vanities are designed in the same style! You may prefer the antique style, the traditional wood vanity furnishings, or a more contemporary design. An antique vanity and modern vanity have very different looks, but they will essentially serve the same purpose. Now that you know the basics of choosing the right bathroom furniture for your home, you can get started and create your dream bathroom today!
Where to Find the Best Deals on Bathroom Furniture
If you are looking to remodel your old bathroom and create a whole new space, you might be trying to make your dollar stretch further than usual. And no wonder in this economy! Though we are all waiting for things to turn around for the better, for the moment we have to make do with what is. For many homeowners, this means making the most of their older homes rather than move to a newer one, and if this is the case then a little remodeling might be in order. Many people like to give their old bathrooms a makeover first, because this is an area that we all spend daily time in and want to be as nice and clean as possible. If you want to make your bathroom new again but need to watch your budget, here are a couple tips for you to get the best deal from a bathroom furniture store.

When you walk into a home improvement store and find a bathroom vanity or linen cabinet you really like, you may look at the price and think it’s time to walk away and find something a little less costly. Here’s the thing though…at larger home improvement stores you may not have a lot of wiggle room with the price, but if you go to a smaller, privately owned business to look at bathroom furnishings you’ll be able to negotiate more. If you go to a private business, you can ask to speak with the manager or owner and ask for a discount, which they will be likely to give you to make the sale. So choose the private vendor over the large chain store, and you can get a discount sink vanity that you might not have thought possible. The key is that you have to ask for them, and do it at a place where you can get them.

Another option for saving money on new bathroom vanities is to look online. You’d be surprised what a wide selection of reputable stores sell great quality vanities and bathroom furniture online, and at a discount price. Online stores know that they have to compete with “in-person” retailers somehow, because it’s easier to sell if a person can experience an object with all their senses. So good online bathroom furniture retailers will give you an amazing price that your local stores may not be able to match, and there are your biggest savings! You have to give up seeing the vanity in person until you buy it and it’s shipped to you, but as long as you taken accurate measurements to ensure it will fit and seen high quality images of your purchase, you should be in great shape. Just make sure that your online bathroom vanity retailer has a good reputation and a customer satisfaction policy.

So whether you choose a retailer online or a privately owned local business, make sure to ask for your discounts, because this economy has made bathroom furniture retailers more willing to negotiate down on their prices.


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