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UK Bathroom Suites

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Traditional Bathrooms Limited are approved stockists of BC Sanitan Bathroom Suites In a world where fashions come and go, the name B.C Sanitan continues to stand for values that are reassuringly enduring, offering you an experience so rewarding that it rises above mere passing trends. A promise of timeless styling that will continue to delight your eye, with a standard of quality that will defy the years. Every traditional bathroom piece from B.C Sanitan is crafted in the heart of the English Potteries using skills handed down through the generations. The finest china clay is taken from the mould and lovingly smoothed by hand before firing. Pieces are then coated with not one but three separate layers of glaze – again by hand – to achieve the sparkling, glassy depth that characterises the B.C Sanitan finish. Each piece is checked by our inspectors at every stage of the production process. For our customers it is perfection, or nothing. Timeless quality deserves a timeless guarantee, and that’s what you get with B.C Sanitan. Your investment is protected by nothing less than a Lifetime Guarantee on all sanitaryware. Bathroom Suites The Victorian Bathroom Suite: For many people the very epitome of the traditional bathroom look has to be Victorian, a celebration of confident square forms with distinctive high splashbacks. The basin, closet and cistern in this suite are based on authentic original pieces, the designs re-created by B.C. Sanitan craftsmen in all their gleaming glory. The Hillingdon Bathroom Suite: Reassuringly solid, yet stylish and elegant, the double roll rim and soft edges of the Hillingdon suite will add a period feel to any bathroom. Combine with any of our freestanding baths for the final luxurious touch. The Belgravia Bathroom Suite: The fluted column has always been one of the essential defining features of period styling. The look is full of character and wonderfully evocative, used here to subtle effect on Belgravia’s pedestal, closet and bidet. The cistern’s breakfront shape is another charming traditional detail. The Nouveau Bathroom Suite The curvaceous lines of Nouveau bring a slightly softer, gentler charm to a traditional bathroom setting. The generous proportions of the pieces add a sense of grandeur for those who like to make a bold statement in their home styling. The Balsani Bathroom Suite By taking the period-style splashback and reducing it in size Balasani achieves a more subtle, more versatile look. Teamed with the right brassware it could also be perfectly at home in a distinctly non-traditional setting. The splashback feature is elegantly repeated on the cistern and bidet. The Damia Bathroom Suite The striking square-edged form of the Damea basin sets the styling keynote that is pleasingly repeated in the Damea closet, cistern and bidet, effortlessly bridging the century-or-so gap between the traditional and the classical bathroom. The Highgrove Bathroom Suite You could be forgiven for thinking that the inspiration for the distinctive Highgrove design was purely 21st Century, but in fact this suite’s design cue came from the beautiful elliptical deep-sided shape of an original 1920’s piece. Perfect proof that classic design reaches out from its own time to inspire future generations. Bc Sanitan from Traditional Bathrooms Limited


Affordable High Level Toilets

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High Level Toilets are as fashionable now as they were back in the Victorian Era. Traditional Bathrooms have one of the largest selections of High and Low Level Toilets from leading bathroom manufacturers.

The High Level Toilets from Imperial Bathrooms and BC Sanitan are for the discerning bathroom buyer. Hand made in the United Kingdom by time served artisans and offering faithful reproductions of original period pieces that have adorned the grandest properties in the world for centuries.

The Imperial Bathrooms Etoile Bathroom Suite 

Imperial Bathrooms

 BC Sanitan Victorian Bathroom Suite

BC Sanitan Bathroom Suites

Burlington Bathrooms and Bathroom Suites offer High Level Toilets with a difference. The unique patented flushing mechanism of the Burlington High Level Toilet offers a water saving Eco 3 or 6 litre flush.  Another new addition to the Burlington Bathroom Collection is the medium level toilet that combines traditional styling that can sit comfortably in a contemporary bathrooom.

Burlington Bathroom Suites from Traditional Bathrooms Limited

TC Bathrooms are one of the fastest growing Bathroom Brands in the UK.  Traditional and Contemporary Bathrooms are an innovative design lead company that have a reputation for being market leaders. The 2010 TC brochure introduces two new luxury designer Traditional Bathroom Suites that epitomise everything that’s good about a period bathroom.

Vitoria Bathroom Suite

TC Bathrooms Vitroria Bathroom Suite

Traditional Bathrooms Limited Luxury Bathrooms

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Traditional Bathrooms Limited are delighted to be able to offer to discrening bathroom buyer, the new range of luxury authentically styled period bathroom suites. The Burlington Bathroom Collection is the most exciting range of faithfully reproduced bathroom suites ever made. The styling evokes memories of the Victorian and Edwardian eras when sanitaryware was manufactured by skilled artisian craftsman. 
What’s the difference?  The Burlington Bathroom Collection is a modern classic, that’s suitable for both period homes and the very latest minimalist,  ultra modern property.

Burlington Toilets:
Throne Toilet Seat

Throne Toilet Seat

Burlington High Level Toilet
Burlington toilets combine yesterdays designs with todays technology. The ever popular High Level Toilet features a unique patented flushing machanism that allows for an eco freindly 3 litre flush or a more vigourous 6 litre flush. The traditional chain pull has been replace with a metal rod that can be pushed upwards for a 3 litre flush or pulled downwards for a 6 litre flush. A new addition to the Burlington high level toilet is the classical Throne toilet seat which at only £179.00 represents superb value for money.

One of the most popular toilets within  the Burlington Collection is  the distinctive and unusual Medium Level Toilet.

Burlington Low Level Toilet:  Thinking of choosing a low level toilet for a new build? The Burlinton Low Level Toilet is available with push button dual flush or the traditional lever flush for the more traditional home. Once again the Burlington Low Level Toilet has the added eco friendly 3 or 6 litre flush.

Burlington Close Coupled Toilet
Once again the Burlington Close Coupled Toilet benefits from dual flush with both push button and cistern lever. Along with the Burlington Back To Wall Pan this toilet’s a more modern toilet.

Balterley Bathrooms Sale

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Balterley Reflection Bathroom Suite
The Reflection suite makes a stunning statement in any bathroom with the basin design mirroring the shape of the keyhole shower bath. At only 800mm wide, the bath provides you with ample room for both bathing and showering. The WC has pottery that runs flush to the wall making it so easy to clean and hiding your soil stack from view, with the option of a soft close seat. Reflection is relatively new to the Balterley range but is proving highly popular already!

Balterley Elevation Bathroom Suite
Elevation brings you the latest in quality Italian design. The smooth curves of the WC run straight to the wall, creating a fabulous look and an easy to clean area, while you have the option of a soft closing seat. The thick quality basin really stands out and provides ample washing room. The Sweep bath is manufactured using the latest technologies in free standing baths, giving you a one piece bath that looks great and is still relatively easy to install!

Balterley Scenario Bathroom Suite
Scenario is a classic timeless favourite in the Balterley range. The clean simple lines of the pottery is echoed in the 3 basin options with full and semi pedestals. The modern WC is available with the option of a soft close seat while the double ended bath provides that extra touch of luxury and is only 750mm wide!

Balterley Cube Bathroom Suite
Cube is a beautiful example of the square lines that have become increasingly fashionable in the last few years. The square basin has the option of full and semi pedestals and is perfectly complemented by the design of the Pillar basin mixer. The Pillar brassware is so easy to grip and use while the Mono bath will fit into the vast majority of bathrooms in the UK. Cube has quickly become a regular best seller in the Balterley range.

Balterley Vogue 2 Bathroom Suite
Vogue 2 utilises the D shape basin option within the Vogue range that is also shown on page 48-49. The WC with optional soft close seat has a one piece cistern cowl which removes the need for a cistern lid. The cowl creates a quieter flush, ideal for bathrooms located next to bedrooms, and also tends to have less condensation on it. The keyhole showerbath uses the Vibe bath shower mixer to provide both bathing and showering in one.

Balterley Curve Bathroom Suite
Curve takes inspiration from Italian design and offers lots of choice. The minimalist styled basin is repeated through the 60cm, 52cm and the semi recessed basin which complements fitted furniture. The WC has a back to wall option for furniture and optional soft close seat. The new steel bath range includes the 1800 version shown here with anti-slip properties and grip handles for easy access.

Balterley Fusion Bathroom Suites
Fusion creates an individual bathroom by taking a mix of Balterley products and piecing them together. The stunning wenge furniture is available in 700 and 1200 lengths with a drawer option and fantastic mirror unit on canister stays. The cameo basin is accompanied by the Relish WC. The highly popular 1700 x 700 Pulse bath and Loop brassware complete this bathroom suite.

Balterley Edge Bathroom Suite
The Edge range offers you highly fashionable square lines in a multitude of pottery options with main bathroom, cloakroom and furniture sizes. The Zone brassware is a perfect match for both the pottery and the square lines of the double ended Elite bath that gives you extra width and room to bathe in. Elite is also now available in a single ended 700mm wide.

Balterly Lagoon Bathroom Suite
The Lagoon suite features the new twin lipped basin that provides ample room for bathing with a wonderful crisp look. The curves of the basin are repeated in the shape of the toilet pan and are accentuated by the design of the Oval brassware. The Nuvo bath is a fabulous mix of traditional shower and corner baths with a one piece wrap round panel and optional bath screen. The Pulse bath is another option for slightly smaller spaces.

Ambience Bathroom Suite
The Ambience suite is traditional styling at its best! A long time favourite in the Balterley range, the WC is based on Victorian styling and uses the classic lever flush mechanism. The 2 taphole basin is generous in size with easy turn taps. The Soul bath incorporates matching Victorian style lines to create an ideal traditional bathroom suite.

Majestic Bathroom Suite
The Majestic suite puts a modern slant on a traditional theme, resulting in a fantastic look with imposing pottery. The Victorian style lines are modernised through the topflush WC, the one taphole basin and the impressive Ultimo brassware. With cloakroom and furniture basin options, Majestic really can appeal to everyone and the suite is complemented by the straight lines of the Soul bath.

Balterly Custom Bathroom Suite
Custom provides the ultimate look in traditional styling. Close coupled, low rise and high rise WCs mean you have every necessary option to suit the height of your bathroom. The sculpted basins with splashbacks provide a real authentic look with the cloakroom basin suitable on a full pedestal. New Victor brassware has a simple lever mechanism to turn on and off and sits proudly on the classic freestanding bath, Echo Junior.

Balterly Concave Bathroom Suite
The Concave suite is fantastic for small bathrooms and slightly unusual shapes! The bath is shaped specifically for the human body and is wider at one end for your shoulders and narrower at the other. The WC has a very small projection of only 600mm and the 4 basin options are also relatively short, allowing you to maximise your floorspace. The basins are finished with the elegant Mini brassware and are all compatible with a full pedestal.

Balterley Spirit Bathroom Suite
The Spirit suite is designed specifically for smaller bathrooms with options of a 1500 showerbath and 1500 straight bath. A shorter projection WC gives you more room and the 2 basin sizes can be used with full or semi pedestal. The beautiful Micro brassware is designed specifically for smaller suites and enhances the overall look.

Balterley Petite Bathroom Suite
The Petite suite utilises our shortest ever projection pottery making it ideal for smaller bathrooms, cloakrooms or ensuites. The basins can be used with a full pedestal or chrome bottle trap as shown below. The Niche 1500 bath is a great solution for small bathrooms to still provide a bathing option.

Aspire Bathroom Suite
Aspire has become one of the best sellers in the Balterley range through its beauty, simplicity of design and extended range options. From 68cm down to 40cm, there is a basin to suit your home, with full pedestal, semi pedestal and bottle trap choices. The Elipse bath provides a stunning contemporary look with the alternative of a Median double ended bath for more practical bathrooms.

Balterley Mirage Bathroom Suite
Balterley’s entry level suite still provides you with great options. You have the choice of a square or round basin to suit the WC, which is a combination of both shapes, and a full or semi pedestal. The Prise brassware adds a touch of class to the suite and makes this highly affordable suite, very attractive.

Balterley Aura Bathroom Suite
The Aura range offers a comprehensive selection of pottery and basin sizes from 80cm through to 40cm, back to wall WCs and semi recessed basins. The suite is shown with both the keyhole showerbath and the Scope corner bath depending on your bathroom size, with the option of glass shower screens. Aura pottery is also a very popular choice with fitted bathroom furniture.

Balterley Vogue Bathroom Suite
Vogue is the sister of Vogue2 and illustrates the squarer basin option and the curvaceous bowfronted bath. The WC retains the full cistern cowl, giving you a quieter flush and less condensation, while the soft close seat option really makes this a perfect WC for bathrooms located near bedrooms. The design of the Oval brassware is a great match for both the basin and the bath, making Vogue a fully synchronised suite

Balterley Affinity Bathroom Suite
Affinity represents crisp Italian linear design at its best. Wall hung basins create a fantastic continental look while their “wings” offer practical toiletries space, further enhanced by the chrome towel rail. Extra WC options and soft close seat make Affinity highly versatile and highly popular now in the UK.

Balterley Curve 2 Bathroom Suite
Curve 2 illustrates how you can choose your own brassware in Balterley with an image of Curve and the choice of Pillar brassware. Curve2’s main basin options mean it will suit most UK bathroom options, while the back to wall WC and semi recessed basin provide stylish options for fitted furniture.

Traditional Bathrooms Limited offer the best prices on Balterley Bathrooms

20% Off Jacuzzi Baths

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Jacuzzi Bathrooms: As you would expect all Jacuzzi whirlpool luxury baths include a multitude of special features, but no matter which Jacuzzi whirlpool bath you choose you can rest assured that it is manufactured and designed to include these.
Jacuzzi® Whirlpool baths
Created over 30 years ago, the Jacuzzi® whirlpool system it is still the original, both in quality and performance of its hydromassage experience and the sheer cachet of its brand name. All Jacuzzi whirlpool baths are engineered in Italy to the highest Jacuzzi brand standards and carry the distinctive Italian styling.

All Jacuzzi® whirpool baths benefit from the features listed below:

•Jets positioned to target the main muscle groups on the body
•Jets circulate large volumes of water at low pressure for a powerful massage and outstanding performance
•Fully adjustable jets allow personalisation of your massage to target your preferred body area
•Rigid pipe work ensures that the bath drains completely to prevent standing water
•Baths are wet tested in our factory to ensure they arrive in perfect working order
•The base is supported by a steel chassis for strength and rigidity, with adjustable feet to combat uneven floors
•An automatic switch off system activates after 20 minutes to allow you to forget about time and enjoy your hydromassage
•Sanitising solution is available for all our baths as an optional extra
•A luxury headrest is included as standard for greater comfort

Share the luxury of the Jacuzzi® hydromassage experience. Invita features sleek, ergonomic lines and a symmetrical base. A soft headrest at each end of the luxury bath allows two people to enjoy a deep, relaxing hydromassage

Jacuzzi Invita Bath from Traditional Bathrooms Limited

Invita Bath from Jacuzzi

Simple but stylish, Rivela is an affordable way to discover the benefits of the original Jacuzzi® hydromassage for the first time. If you want to make a lifestyle statement, Rivela with its harmonious, linear design, soft headrest and hydromassage jets is a great way to start.

Jacuzzi Baths from Traditional Bthrooms Limited

Jacuzzi Baths

When it comes to contemporary design features Uma has it all. Experience full immersion Jacuzzi® hydromassage, the ergonomic corner seat that doubles as a toiletry shelf, soft headrest and ample proportions for the ultimate in luxury.

If maximising available space is important, Versa, with its straight foot end, could be the answer. Its rectangular footprint also means it’s easy to install, even in an alcove. Simply brushing over the touch panel operates the unique Lumina control panel.

Jacuzzi Versa Bath from Traditional Bathrooms Limited

Jacuzzi Versa Bath

Jacuzzi Baths


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Buying Bathrooms Online

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Buying bathrooms online can be a much better experience than buying from a retail outlet. Traditional Bathrooms Limited have been trading online since 2003 with there website widly regarded as one of the best bathroom websites in the UK

Traditional Bathrooms Limited was founded by the current MD Steve Ratcliffe in 2003 and it as continued to thrive even throughout one of deepest recessions ever.

Steve said ” the reason for the success of Traditional Bathrooms Limited  is the teams commitment to customer service and offering high quality low cost bathrooms

The birth of the internet as lead to some huge changes within the Bathroom industry, not least being the value afforded by most internet only sites versus those retail outlets that also sell online. The changes are most noticeable where bathroom products that were historically purchased through a bathroom distributor are now being purchased direect from the company of origin.

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