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Roll Top Baths, Which One?

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Freestanding Roll Top Baths have graced the finest properties in the world for more than a century and are as iconic today as they were in the Victorian era.

Over the past few years the Bathroom Industry has seen massive technological advances, from high definition televisions to infra red saunas and state of the art steam cabinets. The authentic styling of the iconic Roll Top Freestanding Bath has withstood the test of time and aesthetically remains unchanged from the baths of the Victorian era. However there have been significant improvements within the manufacturing process with the robustness, durability and heat retention properties of the reproduction Roll Top Baths having been enhanced.

The twin skinned acrylic Roll Top Baths are predominately imported from the far east, they will typically be made from 3.8mm twin skinned acrylic with a resin infill at the base of the bath. The appearance of this type of bath will be similar to that of the twin skinned European baths. The advanced manufacturing methods and quality of workmanship in the far east as become superior to that of the europeans. Don’t make the mistake of associating quality with price! The lower cost chinese baths are often superior to the european baths and represent excellent value for money. Don’t be fooled by suppliers claiming that their baths are british made when the are actually made in china and assembled in the UK.

This freestanding corner bath available exclusively from Abstract Bathrooms, show’s how advanced the chinese manufacturing processe’s have become. This bath has been formed from one single sheet of 6mm acrylic.


This Traditional Bathroom Suite features stonecast resin roll top baths. This type of bath is made in the same way as the cast iron original roll top baths were made. These baths weigh approximately twice the weight of the acrylic roll top baths and they are very robust.

The most popular styles of traditional roll top baths are the slipper baths, the double ended baths the bateau baths and the boat baths. All of the aforementioned baths originate from France and are as desirable now as they were when they were first developed.

The Slipper Bath

The slipper bath (also known as the sabbot bath) is charecterised by having a raised back, available in sizes from 1550mm to 1750mm in both twin skinned acrylic and stone cast resin. A minimilist, no tap hole version of this bath is now available from Abstract Bathrooms.

The slipper bath featured below is the twin skinned acrylic balmoral roll top bath.

The Double Ended Bath

The Double Ended Roll Top Bath, as do so many other classical freestanding baths, originates from France. Also known as a lovers bath the larger examples of this bath can accomodate two people. When choosing a Double Ended Roll Top Bath the important charecteristics of the baths are the ornateness of the legs, the detailed ball and claw leg would command a higher price should the bath ever be resold. The width and curvature of the roll and the proportions of the bath. Some of the best examples of the orginal baths can be found at the Water Monopoly Of London and Drummonds Architectural Salvage.

The double ended roll top bath featured below is the twin skinned acrylic balmoral roll top bath.

Boat Bath

Paris Bateau Bath






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