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Choosing The Perfect Bathroom Suite

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Bathroom Suite Replacement
Bathroom Suite replacement can be one of the best and most cost effective ways to add value to your property. Even the most grandiose bathrooms can still be affordable. The UK bathroom market has seen massive changes over the last few years. The decline of the UK manufacturing base has resulted in a shift towards manufacturing in the far east, with China now accounting for approximately 90% of the worlds bathroom production. When it comes to choosing your bathroom suite, we would advocate not to take into account the origin of the products. The important things are the styling and the quality of the products. As with most goods you will still have to pay more for luxury branding even though they are probably made by the same people in the same factories from the same materials. The cheap imports and competetive market forces have seen the price of UK bathroom suites reach an all time low. Traditional Bathrooms Limited and their subsiduary company Abstract Bathrooms source direct and sell direct to the end user. 

Bathroom Budgets
Both new builds and bathroom suite replacement require careful planning. It is important to set a realistic budget and contingency plan. There are thousands of bathroom suppliers, products, styles to choose from all with differnet features and benefits. We advocate involving the plumber from the start of the project as they will be able to advise on the likely cost of the installation, be mindful that the plumber may want to do what’s best from a plumbing point of view and regardless of the aesthetics of the bathroom. One of the generally accepted principles of bathroom design is that you don’t relocate the toilet as to move the soil stack can be very labour intensive. There are design tools available for basic planning. Bathroom brochures and magazines are a great way of getting some ideas and inspiration. Once you have decided on your bathroom design the purchase of the bathroom suite is the easy part of the job. The important things to consider are the quality, length of warranty, availability and of course the cost. Traditional Bathrooms Limited and Abstract Bathrooms offer free bathroom brochure packs and expert impartial advice. If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 01405 818500.

Bathroom Suite Options

Modern Bathroom Suites.
Abstract Bathrooms have introduced a fantastic range of luxury designer bathroom suites at affordable prices. Whatever contemporary bathroom suite you decide upon please ensure that you compare them against these luxury bathrooms.
Back To Wall Bathroom Suite | Sector Back To Wall Bathroom Suite. | Close Coupled Bathroom Suites | Molino Close Couled Bathroom Suite | Alexis Close Coupled Bathroom Suite | Freedom Close Coupled Bathroom Suite Palermo Close Coupled Bathroom Suite | Jessica Close Coupled Bathroom Suite | Sorea Close Coupled Bathroom Suite | Veneto Close Coupled Toilet | Silke Bathroom Suite | Georgia Close Coupled Bathroom Suite | Antonia Close Coupled Bathroom Suite | Jade Close Coupled Bathroom Suite | Elizabeth Close Coupled Bathroom Suite | Wall Hung Bathroom Suite | Palermo Wall Hung Bathroom Suite Close Coupled Corner Bathroom Suite | Apex Close Coupled Corner Bathroom Suite

Traditional Bathrooms Limited offer an extensive range of modern and traditional bathrooms contemporary bathroom suites, bathroom furniture and bathroom fittings with a fantastic selection of bathroom accessories. Our online bathrooms Include in the superb Abstract Bathrooms range of Minimalist bathroom suites, Complete traditional bathroom suites and a selection of high quality low cost luxury designer free standing roll top baths. Whatever your bathroom requirements we feel sure that we have the perfect bathroom suite for any circumstance.
Discounted Bathrooms, Bathroom Suites and Merlyn Shower Enclosures are available from Traditional Bathrooms Limited.


Uk Bathroom Suites Sale

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Traditional Bathrooms Limited have introduced a range of sixteen contemporary luxury designer bathroom suites to their product portfolio. The modern bathroom suites are high quality low cost bathroom suites with free UK delivery. You can click here to view or purchase these fabulous bathroom suites.

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The Ideal Standard Ethos: At Ideal Standard, we believe that creativity is the catalyst to constant evolution in the world of the bathroom.

As Europe’s leading contemporary brand, we create bathroom designs integrating audacious functional solutions with styles that allow everyone to express their own personal flair. Ideal Standard is dedicated to enhancing the total environment of your bathroom by combining innovation and beauty for a unique body and mind experience.

Welcome to the new era of Ideal Standard. Award-winning designers including Robin Levien, Mario Bellini, David Chipperfield and Seymour Powell have created designs that lend style and luxury to your home.

Ideal Standard continues to invest the most advanced technology to ensure that innovative products work perfectly and look beautiful. Each piece of porcelain is made to the highest standards. Ideal Standard also makes mixers, taps and shower fittings from solid brass as well as a full range of baths and shower enclosures. So for the complete bathroom, live the ideal with Ideal Standard.