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Bathroom Suites Can Increase The Value Of your Property

Like many people, you may be looking to sell up and move house. If so, you’ll want to ensure you give yourself the best possible chance of receiving or even exceeding the asking price for your current property.

Today’s housing market is notoriously unpredictable, and the possibilities of receiving a bid that matches or exceeds the value of your property can be impossible to attain, unless you are offering potential buyers exactly what they are looking for. For example, a poorly decorated room or a cluttered garden can often be enough to put off many people from considering an offer for your home. You might already be aware that certain areas of your house could benefit from being spruced up, but you simply can’t afford the outlay required to renovate them. As a result, the offending room is often left in its existing condition or in some cases, additional furniture might be utilised to hide the room’s shortcomings.

Unfortunately, either approach might well end up costing you money; perhaps damaging the potential value of your property, or your finances might have to take the additional strain of purchasing additional furniture. However, neither scenario needs to occur, especially if the difficulties are being caused by your bathroom. As the bathroom is the most visited room in the house, it is crucial that this room most impresses the buyer. If you have lived in your existing property for a number of years, there’s a good chance that your bathroom will have remained the same since you first moved in. You might well think that having a green sink and toilet is the norm, but beware – there is nothing that will put off a potential buyer more than matching coloured sanitary-ware in a bathroom! Combine this with a dull, grey bath and you are asking for trouble.

Potential buyers have their own ideas with regards to their perfect bathroom. Factors such as floor and storage space; a clean, modern or traditional white bathroom suite with chrome fittings, and a simple layout with a choice of facilities are just some of the things people look for.

Taste is a matter of individual choice, but generally speaking, as long as your bathroom has clean, bright fixtures and fittings, a potential buyer will go away without having to worry about completely ripping out the bathroom and starting from scratch. By giving them something to work with, you are significantly increasing your chances of selling the property.

Achieving the above is not an expensive task. Complete bathroom suites, including a basin, toilet and standard-sized bath can be purchased for under £250. Taps to fit these fixtures can also be purchased for well under £100 – with some online companies offering a basin tap and a bath shower mixer tap for only £85. Fitting a new bathroom can increase the value of your house significantly. By investing £300 on your bathroom, you could well see a return worth up to 10 times more being added to the value of your property.

If you’re looking to sell your house over the next few weeks or months, make sure you take a good look around; even invite a neighbour round to gauge their opinion before you put your home on the property market. Remember, a green bathroom might be gorgeous to you, but to a potential buyer, it won’t be so.


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  1. The inconvenience that redecorating a bathroom can cause means that when looking to buy a house people lsit having an attractive well designed bathroom already in place at the top of their priorities.

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