Bathrooms and Bathroom Suites, a free buyers guide.

This Bathrooms and Bathroom Suites guide to buying your bathroom suite, lifts the lid on how the UK bathroom industry operates. We give you a bathroom retailers insight into how the bathroom sector works and the best advice on purchasing high quality bathroom products at the lowest prices.
Historicaly the UK was the world leader in the manufacture of high quality bathrooms. The craftsmanship and styling of the circa 1900 sanitaryware and free standing Roll Top Baths was magnificent. The world renowned Armitage Shanks, Shires, Royal Doulton and  the french company Jacob Delafon  were developing the most grandiose luxury bathroom suites ever made for some of the finest properties ever built. The advent of the internet as enabled bathroom distributors to source predominately inferior less expensive products from China and the far east. Basic economics tells us that countries like China with very cheap labour can produce unsophisticated goods such as sanitaryware at a fraction of the cost that there European and Western competitors can produce. The consequence of these imports are that UK based bathroom manufacturers account for less than 5% of the UK production capacity. The good news is that whilst traders have to work on significantly lower margin, there are much better deals out there for the end user.


Discounted Bathrooms, Bathroom Suites and Merlyn Shower Enclosures are available from Traditional Bathrooms Limited.

UK Bathroom Suite and Bathrooms Superstore specialising in Roll Top Baths and Free Standing Baths.


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