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Traditional Bathrooms Limited are approved stockists of BC Sanitan Bathroom Suites In a world where fashions come and go, the name B.C Sanitan continues to stand for values that are reassuringly enduring, offering you an experience so rewarding that it rises above mere passing trends. A promise of timeless styling that will continue to delight your eye, with a standard of quality that will defy the years. Every traditional bathroom piece from B.C Sanitan is crafted in the heart of the English Potteries using skills handed down through the generations. The finest china clay is taken from the mould and lovingly smoothed by hand before firing. Pieces are then coated with not one but three separate layers of glaze – again by hand – to achieve the sparkling, glassy depth that characterises the B.C Sanitan finish. Each piece is checked by our inspectors at every stage of the production process. For our customers it is perfection, or nothing. Timeless quality deserves a timeless guarantee, and that’s what you get with B.C Sanitan. Your investment is protected by nothing less than a Lifetime Guarantee on all sanitaryware. Bathroom Suites The Victorian Bathroom Suite: For many people the very epitome of the traditional bathroom look has to be Victorian, a celebration of confident square forms with distinctive high splashbacks. The basin, closet and cistern in this suite are based on authentic original pieces, the designs re-created by B.C. Sanitan craftsmen in all their gleaming glory. The Hillingdon Bathroom Suite: Reassuringly solid, yet stylish and elegant, the double roll rim and soft edges of the Hillingdon suite will add a period feel to any bathroom. Combine with any of our freestanding baths for the final luxurious touch. The Belgravia Bathroom Suite: The fluted column has always been one of the essential defining features of period styling. The look is full of character and wonderfully evocative, used here to subtle effect on Belgravia’s pedestal, closet and bidet. The cistern’s breakfront shape is another charming traditional detail. The Nouveau Bathroom Suite The curvaceous lines of Nouveau bring a slightly softer, gentler charm to a traditional bathroom setting. The generous proportions of the pieces add a sense of grandeur for those who like to make a bold statement in their home styling. The Balsani Bathroom Suite By taking the period-style splashback and reducing it in size Balasani achieves a more subtle, more versatile look. Teamed with the right brassware it could also be perfectly at home in a distinctly non-traditional setting. The splashback feature is elegantly repeated on the cistern and bidet. The Damia Bathroom Suite The striking square-edged form of the Damea basin sets the styling keynote that is pleasingly repeated in the Damea closet, cistern and bidet, effortlessly bridging the century-or-so gap between the traditional and the classical bathroom. The Highgrove Bathroom Suite You could be forgiven for thinking that the inspiration for the distinctive Highgrove design was purely 21st Century, but in fact this suite’s design cue came from the beautiful elliptical deep-sided shape of an original 1920’s piece. Perfect proof that classic design reaches out from its own time to inspire future generations. Bc Sanitan from Traditional Bathrooms Limited


Choosing Bathroom Suites

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Bathroom Suite

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Choosing a bathroom suite will in the end come down to the shape and size of your bathroom. It doesn’t have to be a large area, even those with the simplest and smallest of bathrooms can add a few unique features and generate something to delight and take pride in. A bathroom is a room to take pride in; with a little personal touch the right bathroom suite for you will mean life becoming more relaxing and convenient.

If you are out of ideas have a good look around and don’t make a hasty decision. Interior design magazines often have a section on bathroom suites or home and living type magazines will supply you with different types of suites. A visit to the local DIY or bathroom showroom will give you some inspiration too and there is always the Internet for stores worldwide with plenty of ideas.

A bathroom suite has to fit your lifestyle. a suite; don’t just choose one because you like it! It has to fit around the requirements of everyone else living in the house too. If you have children or older parents living with you they will have wildly differing needs to a young couple. Also take under consideration the style and period of the rest of the house and select something that will fit in with its surroundings. If your house is Victorian then an ultra modern look won’t suit, visa versa, a new apartment with a Victorian bathroom might look out of place.

Before you go searching the stores for a bathroom, measure the room first and draw up a plan as the type of suites you look at will be dictated by the size and shape of your bathroom. The type of suite you like might not fit well into the space you have, so this is important to check.

Taking everyone’s needs into consideration is vital, even when it comes down to the flooring and wall coverings. Tiles on the floor will be easy to wash down but could be slippery for children and a bath might prove complicated for an older couple with mobility problems, a shower would be far more convenient.

Pick out the features you like about your current bathroom and those you want to remove. Would you prefer a bath or a shower, or is the bathroom large enough to house both? It is important you take under consideration the number of people who will be using the bathroom, their ages and particular needs.

You are not stuck with the current layout of the bathroom. There might in most cases be a better option or a space that isn’t used effectively that could be improved. Just don’t forget to make a careful research before making any big decisions as changes to the plumbing and plastering work can be costly.

A new bathroom will update and give your bathroom a whole new modern look. Depending on the look you want to achieve, bathroom suites can be found in contemporary, modern or traditional styles. If your house style is Victorian a traditional bathroom will probably be a good choice, choose a decorative basin and pedestal sink for an antique look. If you live in a modern apartment, you might want to go with a contemporary style with simple clean lines.

Money will in most cases have the final say when it comes to house renovations. You can find many modern bathroom suites that look good and in the same time low in price these days. And if you want to go with the traditional look, try scouring the antique warehouses for second hand original pieces.

Bathroom taps can be durable and last for many years to come if you pick the right one. A fashionable, popular look this year can quickly look outdated next year. Classic designs and simple lines will last you for a lot longer. Of course if you have unlimited money and you like to keep up with the latest trends and fashions then you can always redecorate again in a few years time.

Your choice of bathroom will be individual to you as everyone has different tastes and ideas. Make a research by looking through design magazines, bathroom showrooms and online and you’ll soon find inspiration and be ready to go. Choose a bathroom suite to fit your needs and requirements, add a touch of luxury and you will have the perfect bathroom suite.

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Bathrooms Homepage

Bathroom and Bathroom Suite Superstore
Traditional Bathrooms Limited
in association with Imperial Bathrooms are delighted to offer the complete range of Imperial luxury cast iron roll top baths. Cast Iron Baths from Imperial Bathrooms are the ultimate cast iron baths indulge yourself into a world of  decadence with the Imperial Bathrooms roll top cast iron bath collection. The Radison Cureo free staning cast iron roll top bateau bath with a hand-stitched luxurious leather-effect exterior finish rpresents the pinnacle of timeless luxury and indulgence. Designed to add luxury and grandeur to any bathrooms setting, either mdern or traditional. The chocolate coloured leather-effect trim with complementary crème stitch detail not only offers a breathtaking design statement, it provides a striking contrast with vitreous enamelled interior. The Radison Cureo is entirely waterproof, the Radison Cureo’s trim not only suggests the beauty of a natural leather finish, it enables the bath to stand up to the rigours of everyday usage. The bath is completely hand-crafted to individual order only, The 20 year warranty provides the end user with the piece of mind that they are purchasing a high quaulity cast iron bath from on of the most prestigeous bathroom companies in the world.  Imperial offers a comprehensive range of cast-iron and bateau baths. Each named after the world’s most exclusive hotels. With more than a dozen models to choose from, there is a myriad of various shapes, styles and sizes, with a choice of feet, plinth, floor-standing and cradle options. The Imperial Bathrooms product portfolio also includes a stunning copper bateau bath that evokes memories of the best of the 19th century French chateau baths. To complete your Imperial Bathroom, Radison Cureo may be co-ordinated with Imperial Bathrooms extensive range of bathroom suites and handcrafted bathroom furniture, as well as brassware, showers and enclosures.

Radison Cast Iron Bath from Traditional Bathrooms.

Bathrooms: Radison Cast Iron Bath from Traditional Bathrooms.

Bathrooms Bathroom Suites Luxury Bathroom Design

Approved Stockists Of Imperial Bathrooms

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Imperial Bathrooms

Traditional Bathrooms Limited 01405 818500


Vitreous Enamelled Copper Bath

Traditional Bathrooms Become Approved Stockists Of Imperial Bathrooms

Take a look at our fabulous range of free standing cast iron roll top baths.

 Imperial Bathrooms have developed a fantastic reproduction od the original french copper bateau baths. The Baglioni Cobra is a stunning, luxurious copper bateau bath that is evokes memories of the 19th century French chateau baths.


Bathrooms Bathroom Suites Luxury Bathroom Design

Hudson Reed

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Bathroom and Bathroom Suites Homepage

Bathrooms and Bathroom Suites

Hudson Reed Bathroom Products Are On Sale At Traditional Bathrooms Limited

Telephone 01405 818500

Hudson Reed‘s philosophy is a simple one. They provide luxury bathroom products at desirable prices, combining comfort and reliability with practicality and quality craftsmanship. The Hudson Reed design and manufacturing team work tirelessly to provide you with the best products at prices we believe will be hard to beat anywhere. Innovation is an everyday experience, with Hudson Reed you can share that experience

Hudson Reed have a fantastic range of bathroom taps bathroom showers and bath wastes. Both traditional taps and contemporary tap ranges are available.

New for 2008 the Arco Range
The Hudson Reed Arco tap range captures the essence on minimmalist design with the gentle sloping curve of the lever handle reflected in the graceful flat spout.

New for 2008 the Arina Range
The smooth curved lines of this ultra-modern Hudson Reed Arina tap oval range will add a distictive design touch to your bathroom.

Hudson Reed Genna taps features flush lines, the handle mirroring the spout to produce a spectacular minimilist design.

Hudson Reed Zaro taps
offer a new twist on modern design with it’s slender curved flat spout and square handles.

The clean right angles of the Hudson Reed Kubix tap range offer the latest in contemporary style, whilst the highly polished chrome surface reflects the very best in brassware design.

The Hudson Reed Carmen taps offer several mono basin design options – each with an individual sleek profile and distinctive rectangular handles. The bath filler and bath shower mixer options complete this cutting edge range.

Kristal features a clean, minimalist body with a symmetrical crosshead handle design, to provide a stylish yet functional range for any bathroom.

The unique and distinctive shape of Hudson Reed Clio tap range is the ultimate in cutting edge design. The handles provide the perfect partner to the beautiful curves and slender lines of the spout.

P-zazz takes minimalist design to a new dimension with the introduction of acute angles. The crosshead handle perfectly matches the mitred joints of the spout.

Make a statement with this highly fashionable cube design. Complete the styling with co-ordinating Hudson Reed Kia taps and showers.

For the ultimate up-to-date look, choose Hudson Reed Jule Taps, a simple square handle which is sure to become a bathroom classic.

Hudson Reed Xeta a stunning range of lever mixers where line, form and function combine in perfect harmony.

Tec Crosshead
Hudson Reed Tec Crosshead tap fittings with crosshead handles introduce a timeless symmetry, an echo of the past yet as new as tomorrow. Made from solid brass, the smooth quarter turn action speaks of precision and total quality.

Tec Lever
Hudson Reed Tec Lever tap fittings with lever handles ring the changes with a new angle on water control. Their ease of use can also offer practicality for users, without compromising the design.

Tec Single Lever
Hudson Reed Tec Single Lever tap
mixers provide fingertip control for flow and temperature, a stunning simplicity that proves beyond doubt that less really can mean more.

Tec Thermostatic Wall Mounted Sequential
The Hudson Reed Tec Thermostatic Sequential valve offers an easy-to-operate single lever for both flow and temperature control. There is a handle choice of lever or crosshead and the shower valve can be used for concealed or exposed installation.

This range of Hudson Reed Topaz tap fittings offers the perfect upgrade for any traditional bathroom.

Jade Crosshead
The Hudson Reed Jade Crosshead tap range offers a Victorian style with a simple versatility that will complement most bathroom suites.

Jade Lever
Hudson Reed Jade Lever taps offer increased practicality without compromising on style. The ceramic disc valve offers up-to-date technology whilst maintaining a traditional look.

The Hudson Reed Lowry taps combines a distinctive tapered design with traditional cross style head or practical levers, resulting in a simple classical design guaranteed to add elegance to any bathroom.


 As one of the fastest growing suppliers of taps, showers, heated towel rails and accessories in the UK, the key to our success is simple: Hudson Reed offers the latest designs at affordable prices without compromising on quality.

As the manufacturer, Hudson Reed provide a distinct advantage, the ability to offer co-ordinating taps, showers, heated towel rails and accessories. Co-ordination is paramount to the popularity of the Hudson Reed brand by ensuring the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom and kitchen.

The growth of the Hudson Reed brand over the past 25 years has seen the Company expand from a small operation in a former air-raid shelter to premises boasting a state-of-the-art distribution centre, employing over 100 people.

Exceptional quality is one of the key factors contributing to the success of Hudson Reed. Hudson Reed offer a 10 year guarantee, unless otherwise stated, against manufacturing defects on all products when used in normal domestic applications (excluding serviceable parts, neglect or abuse). Additionally, we guarantee surface finishing for 10 years on Chrome, unless otherwise stated.

Over two decades of manufacturing experience has provided Hudson Reed with extensive market knowledge and the ability to offer the most popular styles at affordable prices.


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