Discounts on Bathroom Suites

Discounts on Bathroom Suites

Buying a new bathroom suite can be a costly business. With the option of buying a full service suite complete with installation versus the option of buying in ‘bits and pieces’, the bathroom suite buyer is faced with a difficult decision – weighing up resources against his or her own skills and expertise when it comes to fitting bath tubs, sinks and plumbing in showers. Luckily, there are a number of available ways in which it is possible to cut down the cost of buying the suite itself, requiring less of a balancing act when it comes to budgeting your next room renovation.

The first place to look for a discount on bathroom suites is hardly a shock – the Internet has given birth to the age of the consumer, where the buyer is king and the retailer must fight to be heard. Consequently, the Internet is a great place to buy bathroom suites at a fraction of the high street price without cutting on quality – simply by taking advantage of lower operating costs borne by the retailer. Buying a unit electronically versus walking into a store and buying a unit can save you as much as 25% on purchase price for the same unit, leaving you with less of a dilemma when it comes to labour costs.

Another good way to save money on bathroom suites is to install yourself – in other words, head for the DIY route. This can save a great deal on the cost of labour which is often marked up through the retailer anyway, and provided you have the skill and inclination is can be a great way to save thousands off the top of your project. However, the obvious downside to this is that you personally need to posses the skills and dexterity in order to piece together and install the suite, which can be a costly business.

A happy medium would be to employ the services of third party tradesman. By buying the bathroom suite from one place and hiring completely independent tradesman, you will be able to realise a saving on the markup put on labour by the retailer, whilst also having the added advantage of being able to ensure any unit you do buy will be competently installed and fitted to exacting standards. What’s more, this paves the way for you to order online to save on the cost of the suite, whilst you can also save on the cost of the labour hours required to install your suite.

Buying a bathroom suite is a great way to completely overhaul an existing design and to improve the appearance of a particularly rundown bathroom. Whilst traditionally buying a suite has been seen as a more expensive practice, and one for those that have money to burn, the advent of the internet has and the turn of the consumer age has created an environment whereby the average man on the street can easily reap a substantial saving on the cost of a new bathroom suite, with or without labour as his individual needs require.


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